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Eye-witness story of police doing their bit to ensure that sexual assault is such an under-reported crime.

Ice hockey rivalry brilliantly expressed in a picture and three words.

2 cellos do Smooth Criminal and Smells like Teen Spirit.

Suppose you had a twin brother and you hadn't got around to mentioning to him that you were gay …
Nice short about having a go and it turning out better than it might have. A short which is a disturbing story all round. A wistful short.

Scene from a German movie where, if you squint in the right way, it looks like Harry and Draco.  At least, Harry and some boy ...

Best of homoerotic TeenWolf moments.  Put together with a nice sense of humour. And Part 2. Combined version. Part 3.
Peter Capaldi (aka Cardinal Richelieu) brings it all together.

What does it matter if you were a mass-murderer and ideological psychopath: what's matters is that you look good on a poster or t-shirt.


5 rules from every Chuck Norris movie. Lessons from Arnie movies. Top 10 actors who die in movies (a lot) (massive spoiler alert). Top 10 actors who play villains. Top 10 iconic movie villains.

Internet trolls are likely to be sadists: the news that many trolls take pleasure in your pain is hardly surprising.


And that's why there are hook turns

Was in the Melbourne CBD today, walking along Elizabeth St when heard this sudden loud crunch! Looked around and a small hatchback with P plates had made a highly illegal right-hand-turn from Elizabeth St into A'Beckett St from the right hand lane directly into the path of a tram. Trams are big things, hard to miss, one would think. Fortunately, the little hatchback had only just started to make the turn when it ran into the tram, so was not too crunched.

But that is a big reason why Melbourne's CBD has 19 hook turn locations (listed here). The other being to not block trams when lights are green.

Star Trek as technology pioneer.

This frog does not sound as one expects.

Computer games are largely written by adolescent males who never grow up.

Oooh, pretty plus fan stuff

Oooh, pretty. Great shots of 10 spectacular caves

A fun comparison of why Sam Winchester (Supernatural) and Derek Hale (Teen Wolf) have a lot in common. And. of course one watches Teen Wolf for the … And also.

An amusing comparison of a relationship in the story and a shipped one.

A key part of the appeal of fanfic.  The best description of medieval Arthurian tales I have heard is that it was medieval fanfic--the story doesn't end until we say so.

A TeenWolf fan wrote a song which has been adopted by MTV as the Season 3B trailer.


Tip plus music

Tip: if you ring someone from a hospital and don't get through, leave a message so the person with "X Hospital" as caller ID on his or her phone is not left wondering who rang and why.

An amusing take on an amusing take.

A musical ode to fandom.

What appears to be a very classy response from the Bic Corporation.

A slogan for fandom. (Or Fanfic in a nutshell).


Various video fanfic

A fun Sterek video with explicit inserts (SO not office or child friendly) to the tune of S&M by Rihanna.

And, generally identified by background song: Sterek (kiss me hard before you go); Sterek (why do you care); Sterek (I know you loved him), with Giles voiceover; Sterek (but the sex is good); Sterek (crush). Sterek (teenage dream + a thousand years). Sterek (apathy).

Sterek (clever, instrumental).

A really nice post on Sterek and heternormativity (dreadful word, but this is the first time I have seen it used in a way that it is not academic-pretentious-cringeworthy) in TV series and why Teen Wolf is in a very unusual situation.

Scissac just doesn't excite me, but this a sweet Scissac (rainy day), as is this (wonder wall) and this (draw your sword).

Amused by this list of gay characters who left in 2013 from TV series. Was struck by how many of them there were.

Possibly, you will never look at Captain Hook and Peter Pan quite the same way again.
Epic visual Chuck Norris joke.

Economics is a very sophisticated form of analysis. You can tell from its terminology.  Such as:
Been amusing myself at my brother's place by reading lots of Amy Lane, who writes moving and fun m/m romances as she continues to believe, as her blurbs say, in Wuv, Twu Wuv. 

High school chemistry

Fabulous pics of chemical combinations.

This is very amusing, if you Sterek that is. I didn't realise there was a song Werewolf Boyfriend. I do now (includes some Sterek pics I haven't seen before).  While this is just clever. As is this.


An ad that's righteous in a good way



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