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And that's why there are hook turns

Was in the Melbourne CBD today, walking along Elizabeth St when heard this sudden loud crunch! Looked around and a small hatchback with P plates had made a highly illegal right-hand-turn from Elizabeth St into A'Beckett St from the right hand lane directly into the path of a tram. Trams are big things, hard to miss, one would think. Fortunately, the little hatchback had only just started to make the turn when it ran into the tram, so was not too crunched.

But that is a big reason why Melbourne's CBD has 19 hook turn locations (listed here). The other being to not block trams when lights are green.

Star Trek as technology pioneer.

This frog does not sound as one expects.

Computer games are largely written by adolescent males who never grow up.


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Feb. 8th, 2014 01:08 pm (UTC)
Just wanted to say I enjoy your posts and appreciate your linky efforts. The computer games link in particular kinda affirmed and depressed me, I've been following that horrific misogyny that perpetuates the gaming industry, and it's depressing. I played through the new Tomb Raider, which had a woman as primary writer, and really enjoyed it.

The game allowed you a few choices of outfits for Lara Croft, the protagonist, and I chose a very cool retro leather bomber jacket and pants combo, because the rest of the choices were singlets or tank tops and logically I thought this outfit would both keep her warm during the nights and also reduce the chance of accidental scrapes, grazes and cuts during the very regular action scenes. It didn't matter a jot, this choice to the actual gameplay but I felt better about it. It was fucking practical.

I like that I was able to make that choice, it still felt a bit like 'dressing dolly' - but even then, other games I've played as male characters give me the same choice, so it's fair. I just felt that all the clothing choices that allowed a bit of boob just didn't sit right with all the sliding, jumping, rolling and sliding that the character underwent during the narrative.

This game however is an anomaly in the overall games industry I think, in terms of treating the female protagonist as independent, resourceful and not having to be tied into any romantic subtext.
Feb. 9th, 2014 05:10 pm (UTC)
When I got my car license *mumbles* years ago, there was no training on hook turns whatsoever. I wonder if that's still the same.
Feb. 10th, 2014 04:35 am (UTC)
Here's hoping those P plates never come off o_0

(Also, ta for that final link - very interesting.)
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