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I have been neglecting LJ

It is true, I have been neglecting LJ. I don't read my friendslist nearly as often as I should. I don't post as often as I should. Too busying blogging elsewhere and reading other blogs.

Was watching the third season of Lie to Me, which I bought on Friday. In one of the first episodes, Cal Lightman uses the line: "Do you know how to create a disturbed personality? Constant criticism without any affection, works like a charm."

My upbringing almost exactly. I think I must be as remarkably balanced and resilient as the Emeritus Professor of Psychology said I was when I sent him a memoir of my upbringing.

Not undamaged, of course, just surprisingly resilient.

Of course, it does explain why two evil shits and one arse-wipe of a boss (to use a friend's phrase) managed to de-rail my life so completely.

Which is I guess why I ended up part-owner of a small business involving teaching. Apart from the fact that I like teaching, it does deal with the control issues. And, of course, why I am terminally single; no trust of any gestures or words of affection beyond friendship, no trust of my judgement about other people beyond friendship, happening there.

In other news, I managed to completely get over the jet lag by the middle of this week. Sleeping quite well now.
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