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Linkage (particularly about writing)

Yes, it is dangerous to have sex on top of a high rise building.

An interesting use of latex.

Blocking drug company spam can have an unexpected side effect.

Looking at MySpace versus FaceBook: when doing a research project it is important not to overlook a crucial detail.

Advice on conflict calming.

What’s in a (baby’s) name? A brand perhaps.

In praise of being a boy.

Nancy Drew: from much read social revolutionary to the unread new normal.

The joys and demands of writing for children.

Novelist Mario Vargas Llosa on the corruptions of dictatorship and the power of words. A (murdered) Russian journalist and an African and (murdered) Turkish writer are honoured with (pdf) International Publisher Associations awards.

On the career and posthumous post-modernist triumphs of Mikhail Bakhtin. (Though I wish Terry Eagleton would stop using that wank term late capitalism: we have no idea how far into the history of capitalism we are. A term which, in various incarnations, has been around for 160 years or so, it is getting really tired.)

About the policing of curricula.

Reminiscences and retrospectives on philosopher Richard Rorty.

Is this the worst celebrity profile ever? Then there is the rise of celebrity colonialism.

A history of flagellation (no, seriously): Largier's point, in this sedulously researched and (unsurprisingly) colourful volume, is that despite the supposed liberation of western sexuality in the last half-century, we still conceive of sex as split between its natural and unnatural impulses: a "healthy" sex life has simply supplanted a "normal" one. Worse, we see that very modern invention, sexuality, where it never was in the first place, thus radically reducing the repertoire of human fantasy to a few easily explicable compulsions. Which is in turn a way of stripping sex itself of all the odd dreams and desires it might contain.

In North Korea, you can be born an enemy of the people: In 1996, at the age of 14, he was forced to watch the executions of his mother and brother. They had been caught trying to escape. His mother was hanged, and his brother was shot.

The new UN Human Rights Council is becoming the same sick joke that the UN Human Rights Commission it replaced was. The new UN Secretary-General appears to agree.

Noting (accurately) that the term neo-con has come to have no meaning beyond abuse.
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