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Another irresistible headline.

A restaurant sign where translation is possibly not their strong point.

Herodotus and the invention of history.

Discussion about liberal-democracy and multiculturalism: I am less impressed than the discussants about the success of the Canadian model.

Toing and froing about why the term Islamofascist was banned at the Guardian’s Comment is Free website.

Hoover was a disastrous President (his predecessor had a view), but an avid collector of historical evidence, a tradition that the Hoover Institute maintains.

Reasons why African leaders would prefer McCain to win—they would have far less excuses if Obama won. Arguing that Western liberals will find the world a less friendly place when Dubya’s term is over.

About a study on political correctness in (American) academe: He notes that politically correct professors are more likely than others to be guided by their beliefs in selecting research topics, and says this explains why — he believes — sociologists have ignored certain successes in crime prevention and education professors have not studied certain kinds of school reforms. “The real impacts of the PC university are on knowledge generation,” he writes. A study of Oz honours students provides support for this thesis: The domination of postmodern theory, especially in humanities courses, is setting up a generation of students for educational failure, University of NSW professor Gavin Kitching argues in a book to be published this week. Based on an analysis of all honours dissertations written by politics students at the university over 23 years, Professor Kitching concludes that the students had abused their intelligence in writing their theses.
In the book,
The Trouble With Theory, he says even the best students produce radically incoherent ideas and embrace the "extraordinary proposition" that language uses people rather than being a tool manipulated by people.

Discussing why folk on the right of politics are persistently significantly happier than people on the left of politics. Further discussion here, here, here and here.

Ruminating on the difficulties in changing a political mindset here and here.



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Aug. 4th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
Bush a Liberal's Best Friend - The Coming Disappointment on the Left
Nick Cohen, in the Observer, said:

A wave that is about to break. It doesn't know it, but the liberal-left in Europe and North America has been lucky to have Bush.

By building him up into a great Satan, the oil man who invades countries to seize their reserves and the Christian who orders bloody crusades, they have hidden the totalitarian threats of our age from themselves and anyone who listens to them.

Indeed. Even if McCain wins the election, they still won't have Bush to blame (though note that they have already begun creating a caricature of McCain to blame). But if Obama wins, they are going to discover within months of his election that the Islamofascists are still remorselessly hostile to America. And they won't be able to explain this away easily.

However, now that the majority of liberals seems likely to get the American President of their dreams, they will have to offer him their support, won't they?

My prediction is that they won't, not any lasting support. Once President Obama fails to live up to their fantasies, they will drop him hard, just as they did with President Carter. They will discover -- and exaggerate -- all of his very real flaws. And they will decree to be "flaws" any rational adaptation to reality the new President makes.

The best thing for Obama's reputation will be to lose this race.
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