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Queer links

Thailand has banned castration before the age of 18: a tussle between transgenders and gay activists.

Gay Oz diver wins Gold medal at Beijing. He’s very cute in his aftermath video. The actual dive.

A school principal who outed a lesbian student to her parents and suspended her supporters gets successfully sued, though many in his rural community do not think he did anything wrong. Via fizzyland.

About whether it is mandatory for American gays to not support McCain and fair enough to ostracise those who do.

Obama’s VP choice has a strong civil rights record on gay issues. McCain’s VP choice has a moderate record.

Death of a lesbian activist who co-founded her first lesbian rights group in 1955 and this year married her partner of 55 years.

Supporting the right to marry without wanting to actually get married.

Republicans against Proposition 8. Thoughts on how to beat Proposition 8.

Arizona was the first US state to defeat an anti-gay marriage initiative at the ballot box. Opponents are trying again and are way ahead in fundraising.
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