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American links

Twice as many people were shot and killed in Chicago over the summer as American service personnel were killed in Iraq over the same period.

The evolving models of media and rumours: a) No press person likes to not be the center of attention. You want to talk about what people want to talk about. That's how you make money, for one thing. And maintaining a disciplined silence on a rampant undernews rumor--even an unverified one--made too many reporters feel as if they worked for Pravda; b) Suppressing an undernews scandal about a Democrat subjected the MSM to charges of pro-liberal political bias (to which respectable organizations are particularly sensitive, because they are largely true); and c) even much of the left was disgusted by the MSM's behavior regarding the Edwards rumor.

A critical examination of Bill Ayers’ educational philosophy and teacher training approaches written well before Obama became a contender. Obama likes to invoke the good 60s but key long-time associates seem very much to be of the bad-60s ilk. Examining Obama’s period as a community organiser and what he learnt from it. Sen. Obama’s poll numbers are not doing as well as Gov. Dukakis was at this stage in 1988. Given then-President Reagan was popular and now-President Dubya is deeply unpopular, this is not a good sign for the Democrats.

A thoughtful reaction to the Democratic Convention.

Phoning from Gaza to encourage Americans to vote for Obama. In 2004, The Guardian tried that in Clark County, Ohio. It didn’t work so well … (Clark County voted Dubya in 2004 when it had voted Gore in 2000.)

Gov. Palin’s teenage daughter appears set to have a traditional shotgun wedding. A pic and description of the father: Johnston is basically the quintessential example of that guy who you are constantly worried is going to impregnate your daughter (and occasionally does). He's a handsome stud, an athletic star, and he has a criminal record. (For illegally fishing some Alaskan king salmon from Moose Lake out of season. Best crime ever!) A site where one can keep track of Gov. Palin rumours. About reporting, rumours and questions. Watch a meme spread.

Things are different in Alaska: At the age of 10, Sarah Palin got her very own bunny rabbit. Which means to say that she crouched down in the grass outside her family home, aimed her shotgun and blew its furry little head off. That's how things work in Alaska. You kill stuff. You freeze it. You turn it into stew. Even as a pre-pubescent, the future Governor of Alaska - and now, perhaps, the future Vice-President of the United States - was able to fully exercise her Second-Amendment right to keep and bear arms. There's no doubt about it: even by the standards of the Deep South or the Wild West, America's 49th state is an intense place. It's absurdly big, for a start. Bigger than Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark combined. Yet it has the population of Bristol. The capital, Juneau, isn't even accessible by land - which tells you everything you need to know about how much Alaskans enjoy other people's company. They'd rather be alone in the mountains, fully armed.

A local resident talks about Gov. Palin as local resident and mayor. Via fizzyland. On not underestimating Gov. Palin. Wondering if Gov. Palin might be another case of the Left underestimating a politician they don’t understand. Polling suggests that lots of Americans like what they’ve seen so far of Gov. Palin. The Obama camp may have passed over Hilary for VP, but they want to use her to counter Gov. Palin. (If Obama does lose, it is going to get really ugly amongst the Democrats.)

Cloud analysis of Palin and McCain’s Convention speeches. About the Republican Convention. Ratings suggest that McCain’s speech was watched by more folk than Obama’s and Palin’s way more than Biden’s. About the humour gap between the campaigns. This Presidential election is just so much fun.
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