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War links

A CGI recreation of a dogfight between two Me-262 jets then 15 Me-109’s and a P-51 Mustang.

About Hitler’s empire of extermination.

The long history of the debate over humanitarian intervention.

North Korea says it will suspend decommissioning of its nuclear power plant.

A rather different view of the sequence of events leading to the Russo-Georgia War. More. Comments by a Russian expat. Putin claims that the US has orchestrated things to help the Republican election campaign. China and Central Asian countries issue a statement calling for preservation of territorial integrity.

Russia is pressuring NATO’s supply-line in Afghanistan.

How the Taliban and al-Qaeda dominate the Pakistani tribal areas and how the Pakistani military and state is an unreliable ally against them: The reason the Pakistani security services support the Taliban, he said, is for money: after the 9/11 attacks, the Pakistani military concluded that keeping the Taliban alive was the surest way to win billions of dollars in aid that Pakistan needed to survive. The military’s complicated relationship with the Taliban is part of what the official called the Pakistani military’s “strategic games.” Like other Pakistanis, this former senior official spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of what he was telling me.
“Pakistan is dependent on the American money that these games with the Taliban generate,” the official told me. “The Pakistani economy would collapse without it. This is how the game works.” … The rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda has come at the expense of the maliks, who have been systematically murdered and marginalized in a campaign to destroy the old order. In South Waziristan, where Mehsud presides, the Taliban and Al Qaeda have killed more than 150 maliks since 2005, all but destroying the tribal system. And there are continual reminders of what happens to the survivors who do not understand this — who, for example, attempt to talk with Pakistan’s civilian government and assert their authority. In June, Mehsud’s men gunned down 28 tribal leaders who had formed a “peace committee” in South Waziristan. Their bodies were dumped on the side of a road. “This shows what happens when the tribal elders try to challenge Baitullah Mehsud,” Jan said.

Having some fun with all the pundits who thought it “obvious” that the Surge was failing and would fail. The use of special squads to kill and capture insurgent leders has been highly successful in reducing violence. Claiming that the Surge had fortuitous support. About not using the comments of an unsuccessful general as a basis for analysis. The Surge as an integrated strategy.
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