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Epic visual Chuck Norris joke.

Economics is a very sophisticated form of analysis. You can tell from its terminology.  Such as:
Been amusing myself at my brother's place by reading lots of Amy Lane, who writes moving and fun m/m romances as she continues to believe, as her blurbs say, in Wuv, Twu Wuv. 

High school chemistry

Fabulous pics of chemical combinations.

This is very amusing, if you Sterek that is. I didn't realise there was a song Werewolf Boyfriend. I do now (includes some Sterek pics I haven't seen before).  While this is just clever. As is this.


An ad that's righteous in a good way

Gnome me

If catsathome has not seen this IKEA ad, she needs to right now.


Can anyone recommend an ISP?

Looks like will need a new ISP at the new residence.  Do people have any ISP recommendations? (Or dis-recommendations, for that matter.)


We have a house!

So, Snake and I have a house. It is in the same suburb (Truganina), just south of Sayers Rd instead of north. We are not wrapped on the area, but we both like the comfort of living in a new house, we need somewhere fairly roomy and  not too outrageously expensive rent-wise. Hence ending up in the same area.  This, however, is clearly an investment property, so hopefully will be a long term prospect. 


CP being bad

Who said: Leaving sex to feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermists.

The answer is, of course,

Style, comics, musicgraphics

A style time forgot for good reason: belted sweaters.  I think of the 70s as the decade style forgot.

Putting the difference between DC and Marvel movies in an animation.

Sheep teaches young bull to headbutt.



Ricky Martin musings

The queer community has adopted the (finally out and proud) Ricky Martin.  Hence Joy FM has been promoting his Australian tour pretty strongly.  Listening to listener responses to the question When/how did you work out Ricky Martin was gay?, again and again the answer was how he moved his hips.

Seems fair and reminded me of Camille Paglia reporting that observation 14 years ago. Her comments are bitchier than I remember, but her analysis reads even better in retrospect.


Slave to the felines

My housemate is away in Fiji for a week for a wedding.  So, I am feeding Prunella (my cat).

quatrefoil is away for a few days, so I am feeding her cat Spindrift.  (He used to run and hide when I feed him, now he stays where he is and deigns to be patted.)

B&S are away for a few days at Hamilton Island, so I am house-sitting to look after her cat Moshi (who is 19 but still pretty spry). Moshi seems to find me acceptable, if lying all over me in bed and purring a lot is any guide.  But I have known Moshi for a long time.

So, for the next few days I am a slave to the felines. As distinct from being a slave to the rhythm. By the inimitable Grace Jones, who was still looking fine doing the song at the Golden Jubilee concert. (Though having Justin Bieber's name come up first when I did a YouTube search was a WTF? moment.)

Had dinner with Kerry last night and she gave me a signed advance copy of Murder and Mendelssohn, in which there may be a slaughtered conductor (some may find this cathartic) plus something for shippers of a deductive variety and a pun in the dedication.




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