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Open Cogitations

contents are my copyright but feel free to use for not-for-profit purposes

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My father's family were convicts, my mother's family came over during the gold rush, so I am a walking cliche of Australian history. I have worked as: public servant, information specialist, public affairs manager, journal editor, teacher, disabled student assistor, and in a bookshop. I have been a union workplace delegate. I have degrees in history, philosophy, education and economics and have studied political science. I have published newspaper and journal articles and two books. I have lived in Sydney (twice), Canberra and Melbourne (twice). I have been to London, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Singapore, Narita, Slippery Rock (Pennsylvania). On the basis that libraries are revealing, here is my wish list. Edited extracts from my LiveJournal have made it up on the ABC website here (with pic of me). My SCA device is here. But my LJ is not much of a saleable asset

My blog is worth $12,419.88.
How much is your blog worth?